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Economic insecurity. Geopolitical strife.  Civil unrest.  Moral abominations.  An emotional and physical health crisis of biblical proportions.   

There can be no denying it.  The global crisis of the 21st century is upon us.  

But, even while men’s hearts fail them for fear in the last days, emotional and spiritual peace will come to those who stand for the right, though the heavens may fall, as we walk with Christ as Enoch did. 

11th Hour Dispatch exists for the purpose of presenting the signs of the times in an effort to arouse us from our apathy to urgently seek Christ with humility of heart, and to receive a fresh daily baptism of His grace.  These messages are given to provide an awareness of (and a properly balanced understanding of) world events, so that we can point souls to the fulfillment of prophecy, thus generating interest in the Bible.  It exists to help us prepare ourselves and others physically, spiritually, emotionally, and even temporally, for the very interesting times that lay ahead.