UPDATE Wed. 8:03 AM Eastern, Nov. 2.  Our fearless and talented volunteer is ok.  He is tied up with some commitments beyond his control.  Lord willing, he will return to producing the 11th Hour Dispatch weekly radio show very soon.

UPDATE Sun. 7:15 PM Eastern, Oct. 30.  The volunteer who so excellently produces the 11th Hour Dispatch radio show has fallen out of communication for the past three days.  The audio is recorded and we're awaiting production of the show.  Hang tight.  Trusting that its nothing worse than a phone dropped in the water or something.  

UPDATE Fri. 5:35 PM Eastern, Oct. 28.  This week's show is recorded, awaiting final production.  Stand by for posting ASAP.

UPDATE: Aiming for Thursday or Friday uploads each week.

Hey folks, Scott Ritsema here.  11th Hour Dispatch had a good run as a daily program.  But, with the recording for Second Beast Rising monopolizing my time for the next month or two, and then the winter travel tour taking up several months this year, we've decided to drop the frequency of radio shows down to once per week to keep a more sustainable pace going.  World events continue to grow increasingly alarming; by God's grace, I will continue to keep you posted.  Fix your eyes on Jesus.